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DS&P offer a full range of hand controls and vehicle accessories
Hand controls, Boot hoists and other disabled driver vehicle accessories
DS&P Mobility Electronics offer a wide range of manual & automatic hand controls for disabled drivers, boot hoists and other accessories. A selection is displayed below.
DSP Mobility Electronics - State of the art electronic driving controls for disabled drivers and vehicle conversions
DSP Mobility Electronics
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Hand Controls For Disabled   Drivers

      We will be pleased to offer guidance to
       anyone unsure of which products will best
        suit their requirements.

      To view a larger photo of each product,
   please click the appropriate image.

If you would like details of our full range please ask for details.
Single Lever Hand Controls for disabled drivers to
suit any vehicle make or model. Fully adjustable
to suit the individual with leg protection available. Secondary controls can be incorporated.
Comfortable rubber handles.

Left Foot Accelerator suits most vehicle makes
and models. Safe one pedal access only.
Specifically designed to suit your vehicle.

This hoist can be used to lift power chairs
& scooters into the back of Estate cars and
M.P.V. type vehicles.

This hoist can be used to lift manual wheelchairs
into the back of most cars. The boom folds down when not in use.

Introducing the unique DRIVELOCK 150 exclusively
available from DS&P. Patent Pending. Crash-Tested.
This automatic wheelchair restraint system is an
easy and effective means of securing an occupied wheelchair in a moving vehicle. Integrates with all conversions.

Switches the vehicle lights on and off, controlled
by a light sensor. Responds to changing light conditions, e.g. when driving into tunnels, underground car parks or on dull days &  in twilight.

Automatic switch-on and switch-off of the wipers.
The wiper fequency adjusts to the amount of water, which is measured by a sensitive rain sensor.

Reliable reversing systems for everyone.
Safe reversing with the most important standard functions. Choice of models available.

Single Lever
Hand Controls
For Disabled

Left Foot

Boot Hoist

Boot Hoist


Headlight Control

Rain Sensor


Left Foot Accelerator
30KG Boot Hoist
100KG Boot Hoist
Single Lever Hand Controls
Wheelchair Tiedown
Reversing Sensors
Automatic Headlight Control
Automatic Rain Sensor